How a wannabe writer with minor talent, major guile and monumental luck weasels his way into a career at a keyboard.

Bears, like people, get angry when they’re frustrated. Or this one did, at any rate. When bears get angry, they charge something. That something was Dick.

How writing a cookbook got Dick into that predicament is a story that began a few years earlier, when, as an audacious fourteen-year-old, he duped a New York ad agency into giving him a freelance copywriting assignment by pretending to be a grown-up…and a professional writer.

That young imposter’s precocious deception was the beginning of fifty years of nonstop writing. Dick churned out a torrent of TV scripts, magazine articles, websites, TV commercials, ghostwritten books, catalogs, ads, direct mail, videos and more. Including the cookbook that almost got him eaten by a bear.

He snagged assignments on four continents and dozens of tropical islands, got glowing reviews from amazingly lenient critics, made and squandered millions and had more fun than he ever could at an honest job.

Two Fast Fingers & 26 Keys exposes the ploys Dick perpetrated and the pitfalls he evaded in an eventful – and often calamitous – life at a keyboard.

The scoundrel is still getting away with his escapades. And loving every single minute of it.