Which book 

should I write next?

I’m considering writing two books and would appreciate your input. The books:

Messing With Your Mind 

Advertising can make you switch to Crest, vote Republican, drink Coke, shop at Wal-Mart, eat at KFC, contribute to United Way or fly Delta. Or if other guys have better hired guns, you brush with Colgate, vote Democratic, slurp down a Pepsi, troll the aisles of Target, snarf a Big Mac, send a check to the Red Cross and grab a Southwest flight for your getaway. Most of the time you’re not even aware that it was advertising that made you do it. This book will show you how we get you to buy stuff and do things you didn't intend to. You've got the perfect seat to watch the action, because it all happens inside your head.

Advertising Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back

Americans lose $70 billion in casinos every year because they don’t know the odds or think they can beat them. Advertisers lose twice as much on ineffective advertising for the very same reasons. They don’t know the odds or they think they can beat them.The tried and proven rules of advertising rules deliver successful results time after time after time. They’re spelled out in this book, and advertisers who follow them will get results. Guaranteed. What Do You Think?

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